Monday, November 13, 2017

Explore and adopt! About HyperDocs |

I have read about HyperDocs in Richard Byrne's wonderful and very current blog Free Technology for Teachers.  He informed teachers about the work of three experienced Google educators who are behind this idea - Lisa HighfillSarah Landis, and Kelly Hilton. Here is their website: About HyperDocs |

I have already tried out and adopted one of the templates for our afterschool science program.
The students were so engaged and excited about completing the HyperDocs project on Climate Change, they didn't want to leave the classroom when the time was up!

More on Google tools and Google tutorials visit Richard's blog and youtube channel.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Exciting Virtual science Fair Project

It will be probably sixth or seventh semester of me teaching the science and technology methods course.  It has been quite an adventure on its own. I love science and more now being involved in the environmental/sustainability science. I will be teaching Sustainability Literacy for Social Change course in the Fall of 2018.

This semester parallelly to teaching the course I also challenged myself to explore the technology program I used a lot in different ways and in different classes - VoiceThread.   I decided to get a Voicethread certification. I completed a 2-week course and now have to finish a project with the teacher candidates. I chose my science methods classes as I came up with an idea of running a Virtual Science Fair. Teacher candidates from my classes usually have their fieldwork at Bishop Dunn Memorial School. They usually run their Science Fair in the Spring and my classes usually contribute to the Science Fair through designing their own projects and then through judging students' projects.  So --- I decided, that in the Fall, I will provide teacher candidates an opportunity to select their Science Fair project ideas, conduct their scientific methods, create digital posters and share them via Voicethread.
This month is devoted to working on the Science Fair projects. I created Guides, rubrics, video-tutorials, invited science consultant, Mr. Love, to speak about the scientific method.

Last Tuesday, one of my research students, Kelsey, taught the class peers: how to sign up, create Voicethread slides, add links and images and the ways of recording comments. We are set to go with the Virtual Science Fair project on the Voicethread.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Improving Learning with the Learning Journey Model

I enjoy reading blogs and listening to the podcasts of Vicki Davis -- the famous Cool Cat Teacher. Her new podcast was based on the interview with the inventor of the Learning Journey Model Mark Engstrom @markaengstrom Head of Middle School and Upper School at Allen Academy in Bryan, Texas. It is a thought-provoking conversation and inspiring dialog of two tech-savvy educators about transformational learning in the digital age. Worth-while reading and listening!

SOS! sos! Check for the new Google Earth

I am following the writing of the blogger Richard Byrne Free Educational Technology for Teachers. Richard is ahead of everybody in announcing the innovations and discoveries in the field of educational technology. Today he shared a video about the new Google EARTH (Not every browser can handle the new program). It is AMAZING!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Freedom For Girls

One of the 17 Sustainability Goals is fighting Gender Inequality!

Join the Freedom For Girls movement by selecting any Call for Action!

View more actions and initiatives in support girls.

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Flipgrid | Voices for the Global Goals

To Promote Sustainable Development Goals and add your voice to the voices of children and youth from all over the world join the Flipgrid | Voices for the Global Goals:

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Exploring NASA Earth/Space Place

It is impossible to teach poorly nowadays! There are so many digital resources. Just open your mind and heart to discovery and enjoy exploring the content! To teach science from textbooks is borning. There are inventions discoveries every day! One of the most helpful and reliable resources for science teachers is NASA website.

Next Generation Science Standards: NASA Space Place